Afterword (Afterlife): Domain of the Undead. The realm of Reapers and Seekers.

The Alliance: An organization of morals, gifted humans, and fallen supernaturals who’ve come together to fight the Rulers of the Afterword. Eldridge Dedmon, a Fallen Reaper, founded the group two hundred years ago.

Alliance Council: The governing group for the Alliance. The council consists of three Fallen Reapers, three mages, and three mortals.

Alliance Headquarters: The mortal realm’s nerve center for the resistance against the Rulers of the Afterworld. Subterranean — located beneath the Monarch associates office tower in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia — the complex contains seven levels of office, training facilities, and research labs.

Binding Patterns: Intricate designs etched into the skin of Fallen Reapers and Fallen Seekers. The patterns allow the Fallen supernatural to bind power to themselves for short periods. The patterns require recharging regularly. The patterns also enable the Fallen supernatural to phase and have superhuman strength and spend. Over time the patterns lose effectiveness, and the Fallen supernatural becomes human.

Blurring: The ability of fallen supernaturals to move their bodies at incredible speeds. The offset is that blurring uses a great deal of power.

Central Archives: Storehouse of all human knowledge and the record of every mortal who has lived and died. The Central Archives is home to the Grand Oracle and maintained by his ranks of Seekers. The complex consisted of an outer wall of buildings and the central Spire.

Camp Alliance: Camp and training ground for future members of the Alliance. Magical wards and shields protect the camp, which can only be reached by phasing or using a compass.

Death Sense: Death Sense is the ability to sense when someone close is in mortal danger. The Strength of the warning varies from a slight warning or alert to an intense warning of imminent danger.

Deliverer: Ancient, powerful being who can walk in all three realms: mortal, Afterworld, and Wraith realm. He’s able to help the Protectors restore the balance between the mortal and supernatural world. The last Deliverer hid the seven Medallions. The current Deliverer must restore the Medallions to humanity.

Deliverer’s Tale: The last Deliverer wrote this ancient book after gathering the rings and medallions. He hid them from the Rulers of the Afterworld. The Tales contain the locations of the hidden Medallions. Only a new Deliverer and read it and unravel the hiding places.

Designation Stones/Code Stones: Contain the code sequence or combination of six Angelic Symbols for a given location. Each Stone has a six-digit code sequence etched into its structure at creation. Together the Code stones make up a vast network of places on the mortal and Afterworld side, accessed with a Seekers compass.

Dream Walking: Unlike usual Out of Body experiences, Dream Walking allows the Deliverer’s soul to travel to enemy locations in the mortal realm.

Extraordinarily Strong: Mortals born with almost supernatural strength are far above the average mortal abilities. They are distinguished by larger than average musculature from an early age.

Falling: The process of the unDead (Supernatural beings) giving up their Afterlife duties and returning to the human/mortal realm. The process involves two separate ancient spells. The first strips the supernatural of power, and the second creates a new human body for the being.

Firecaster: A mortal with the natural ability to conjure and control various types of fire. Not consider a Mage or Sorcerer if this is the only spell they can cast.

First Life: First Life is a term applied to a mortal’s original birth, life, and death. The term applies to fallen supernaturals (see Undead) who give up their Afterlife duties and return to the mortal realm through falling. First Life is used to distinguish between their original life in the mortal realm and their current second chance as a human.

Gifted Mortals: All mortals with some power or the ability to cast spells. The term applies to memory charmers, mages, kinetics, firecasters, lightning conjurers, levitators, and extraordinarily strong individuals.

Grand Oracle (Prime Oracle, Supreme Seeker, Seeker Superior): The Grand Oracle is the oldest and most ancient Seeker. The Grand Oracle speaks for the entire Seeker bureaucracy. The most important duty of the Grand Oracle is to interact with the Council of Overseers.

Grim Guards: Personal guards and foot soldiers of the Grim Reaper. They inspire the traditional image of the skull face and black hood. Unlike the Grim Reaper and KIN, who wear blood-red robes, the Grim Guard wear black hooded robes. They also have bone-white skull masks and jet blade scythes with long handles.

Grim Hound: A supernatural creature that assumes a canine shape when called forth from the Afterworld. Reapers use the creatures to track down objects of power and the doomed.

Grim Reaper: Oldest and most powerful of Reapers. Responsible for overseeing the ranks of Reapers and the transitioning of mortals’ souls to their final destinations.

Hunters: Seekers trained to be supernatural bounty hunters. They work in pairs, and their prolonged touch can destroy Grim Reapers, Reapers, and Rogue Seekers. They serve as a kind of orthodoxy police force. Their tool of choice is a flaming short-sword. One strike with these swords and immobilize a spirit being, cleave a Wraith out of a possessed mortal, and can kill a Grim Hound.

Inquirers: worker-bee archivist of the Central Archive Complex.

Kinetics: Mortals with the power to control and move physical objects with the power of their minds.

KIN: The Grim Reaper’s inner circle of Reapers. They use ritualistic scarring of their faces to demonstrate their hatred of mortals.

Kulinda: Swahili blocking spell used by fallen supernaturals and gifted mortals.

Levitators: Mortals with the ability to levitate themselves and anything they touch

Lightning Conjurer: Mortals with the natural ability to conjure supernatural lighting only.

Mage: Mortal with the ability to cast spells, hexes, and protections. They can open a vortex, produce wards and deploy shields. Similar to sorcerers, except that mages generally use their power for good.

Medallions: These objects are the most potent occult object available to humanity. Each one is paired with a portal and contains a unique name. The medallion bearers are responsible for maintaining the safety of the portal and opening them when the need arises. They can withstand any assault by Seekers, Reapers, or humans. There are seven medallions: DESTINY, COURAGE, HOPE, VISION, FAITH, PURPOSE, & WISDOM.

Memory Charmer: Mortals with the ability to suppress memories in other mortals. The impolite term is Mind Bender.

Mind Booster (Cognitive Enhancer): A device designed and made for mortals. It enhances the mental ability and enables a mortal to read Angel Script. Most have been banned and locked away in the Central Archives.

Monarch Associates: International Law Firm established by Alliance founder Eldridge Dedmon as a means to finance Alliance activities. The firm’s tower is in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia.

Oracles: The Oracles are 12 high-level and ancient Prime Seekers who council and advise the Grand Oracle. When the time arises, this group is responsible for selecting the next Grand Oracle from among their number.

Phase/Phasing: The ability to travel from one location to another in the blink of an eye. Reapers’ power to phase is natural and enables them to travel the world reaping souls. Fallen Supernaturals can retain the control of phasing if they take on the binding patterns. (See binding patterns.) They can phase to any location they have been or seen, even in a picture.

Phantoms: Glowing, ghostly apparitions of the Underworld as terrifying as the Grim Guards. Each carried a shield and a long sword. Their howls were worse than a Grim Hound’s bark in their shrillness and can freeze mortals. Phantoms serve the Wraith King.

Portals: Circular doorways between the Afterworld and mortal realm. They are made of stone and etched with angel symbols. Seekers and Reapers are transformed into superficial humans when they crossover. The portals allow them to interact in the mortal realm for short periods.

Postulants: Errand runners and messengers. This position is the lowest level of Seeker trainee.

Prime Seekers: 3rd level and the highest rank of Seeker given the responsibility to supervise specialized departments and offices within the Central Archives complex.

Prophets: Seekers with the ability to interpret ancient texts and prophecies, intuit signs and portents, and make new prophecies. A prophet must be of the Master Seeker level, officially recognized, and sanctioned. Non-recognized prophets with no formal Seeker training or indoctrination are hunted down and detained by Hunters.

Protector’s Pledge: A pledge taken by every new Protector when they first put on the ring. The pledge: Wherever the Darkness reaches out to overcome the Light, it is there that you will find me. Forever standing in-between, I restore the balance. I am a Protector.

Protector Rings: Protector Rings are powerful objects given to human beings to maintain the balance between the supernatural world and humanity. Humans are the only ones able to wear the rings. Supernatural beings cannot wear the rings, touch them or even destroy them. There are thirty-five rings.

Reaper’s Long Coat: Reaper long coats are unique coats with high Mandarin-styled collars. They are imbued with spells to protect the wearer from harm and are worn by Alliance Fallen Reapers.

Sakoto: A Yoruba wind evocation and favored spell among Fallen Reapers who are part of the Alliance.

Seekers: Seeker is the general term for the administrators and record keepers of the Afterworld. They maintain the sacred texts, proclamations, commands, directives, and the vast archives which document every human being ever born.

Seeker Blades/Reaper Blades: These are collapsible blades made of magic embed metal and used by Reapers and Seekers whenever they conduct a traditional fight. Extended, they are fifteen inches long. Collapsed, they are eight-inch octagonal cylinders. The blades can also defeat a Wraith or force a Wraith out of a human host. Blades can block certain types of conjured spells like supernatural fire and lightning. Blades can also damage all magical creatures and banish them from the mortal realm.

Seeker’s Compass: The Seeker and Deliverer use the Seeker Compass to navigate the network designated locations, primarily in the Afterworld. However, this network consists of hundreds of designation codes and sites, both in the mortal and supernatural realms. The compass works by engaging a Seeker’s or Reaper’s inherent phase ability.

Seer(s): A human that acts as host to a Wraith with prophetic abilities. The mortal is often called a prophet or medium because of the skills imparted.

Shield: A shield is a magical barrier customarily used to protect the conjurer. A common way of creating a shield is using magic imbued devices like a bracelet. Mages and sorcerers can produce a shield. Its power is dependent on the ability of the conjurer. They differ from wards in that shields are mobile.

The Sight: Ability in mortals to intuit or prophecy future events.

Soul Bottles: Carafe-shaped bottles are used to capture and imprison individual souls before they can move on to their final destination. They are only used in the Afterworld and Underworld.

Spirit Bottles: Decorated bottles with the power to attract and capture a spirit (Wraith) inside until released. The more decorated the bottle, the more a Wraith can’t resist entering. They are used in the mortal world. (See Soul Bottles)

Stun Cuffs: Cuffs disrupt and prevent the use of supernatural and magical power, including Reaper powers, Seeker powers, and the ability of mages and sorcerers to cast spells.

Talisman: A device used to gain passage through wards. A talisman can be any object, usually something significant to the mage or sorcerer who created the ward. Only the magical being who produced the ward can make a matching talisman.

The Undead: Undead refers to recently deceased individuals chosen to serve either Reapers or Seekers. Their souls do not move on to the Final Destination at the time of death. They retain consciousness as the undead or “not dead.”

Vortex: A magically generated opening that allows travel from one mortal location to another in seconds. The vortex resembles an irregular whirling cloud of gas or vapor. Only human mages or Fallen Ones who were mages in their First Life can conjure a vortex. Also, Reapers who were mages/sorcerers/witches in their First Life and who have traveled through a portal to the mortal realm can conjure a vortex.

Ward: Wards are magical barriers generally placed over an opening or doorway. Mages and sorcerers can produce the ward. Its power depends on the conjurer’s ability and is as individualistic as fingerprints. They differ from shields because wards are stationary, protecting a fixed location.

Wraiths: Wraiths are disembodied souls of individuals killed before their time (out of time). They result from the Grim Reaper and Grand Oracle’s actions and have resulted in a growing imbalance in the Afterworld & Underworld.