Binding Patterns allow Fallen Reapers and Seekers to bind power to themselves for short periods of time. The patterns must be recharged on a regular basis. These patterns are most notable among Fallen Reapers.

In the Mortal Realm, codices (codexes) are compass-like devices used by fallen reapers and seekers to navigate between designation locations. All codices are created by the Seeker, under Alliance Council direction, and can be limited to one location, or too many, depending on the need.

Designation stones contain the code sequence or combination of six numbers for a given location.

These objects are the most potent occult object available to humanity. Each one is paired with a portal and contains a unique name. The medallion bearers are responsible for maintaining the safety of the portal and opening them when the need arises. They can withstand any assault by Seekers, Reapers, or humans. There are seven medallions: DESTINY, COURAGE, HOPE, VISION, FAITH, PURPOSE, & WISDOM.

Protector Rings are powerful objects given to human beings to maintain the balance of existence between the supernatural AfterWorld of Reapers and Seekers and humanity. Humans are the only ones able to wear the rings. Supernatural beings cannot wear the rings, touch them or even destroy them.

Portals are physical, circular objects made of stone. Portals were etched with angel symbols and imbued with the power to open a doorway between the mortal realm and the Afterworld.

Seeker archive boxes are boxes of Afterworld construction used by Seekers to store records and other materials. They are generally covered in angel script and contain locking devices. Archive Boxes can be coded for limited access.

Seeker Blades are collapsible blades used by Reapers and Seekers whenever they conduct a traditional fight.

The Seeker compass is a one-of-a-kind device and is used by the Seeker to navigate the CODE Network in the Mortal Realm. This CODE network consists of hundreds of designation codes and locations. However, CODES also exist in the Afterworld and the Underworld and require the Seeker to use the true/inner compass face which contains the encrypted codes. Normally, I Seeker has to be trained to decrypt the codes or use a cognitive enhancer for momentary ability.

Book 2: The Seeker’s Compass states that the process is like two-factor authentication. There’s the original code to open the inner compass face, and then there’s the enhancer to allow someone to decipher the encrypted codes. Not everyone can operate the compass code, access the internal face code, and with a mind-boost, also crack the inner codes (original locations of hidden archives).
The number of people with this kind of direct access is limited to the Deliverer (Jonah), the Seeker (Mike), all true Protectors, and all true Medallion Wearers.

Seeker stun cuffs are designed to disrupt and prevent the use of supernatural power.

A vortex is a magically generated opening that allows movement from one mortal location to another in seconds. The vortex resembles an irregular whirling cloud of gas or vapor. Going through a vortex is like stepping through a mist. Only human mages or fallen ones who were Mages in their first life can conjure a vortex.
An exception to Rule: A current Reaper who was a Mage in their first life can temporarily regain the ability to conjure a vortex if they travel through a portal to the mortal realm.