Hey everyone.  I wanted to take a moment to let you know about events and upcoming book releases.

Halloween Promotion!
First, I’m running a new promotion for the first three Jonah Blackstone novels later this month. The promotion will culminate during the week of Halloween. As you know, events in Amulet of the Goddess, the third novel in the series, take place over the four weeks leading up to Halloween and the Witching Hour.

During the promotion, the Kindle versions will be sold at a promotional discount. So, pick up a copy of all three novels for yourself or as a gift and start the adventure with Jonah Blackstone!

Fourth and Fifth Jonah Blackstone Novels!

Recently, I attended the BlerDCon convention here in the DC area and was asked my multiple fans about the next Jonah Blackstone novel.  I’m hard at work on the book. The working title is Jonah Blackstone and the Destiny Medallion. This will be a two-book storyline with Destiny’s Sorrow being the working title for the second half of the story. 

Jonah not only goes on new adventures, but he meets a new group of kids, each with their own powers, and delves deeper into his dad’s family history. And, as his godfather predicted, Jonah is finally taking his place among the Alliance members and Council politics.

We may see the first group of Protectors in this installment! I’m excited to finally arrive at this point and plan to release Jonah Blackstone and the Destiny Medallion in Spring of 2020. The second part, Destiny’s Sorrow, will come out in late 2020.